Anger/Behavior Management Group

Does your child or a child you know have issues controlling their temper?   
Is getting in trouble at school making the child ready to quit?

Anger is a completely normal, naturally healthy, human emotion. However, under negative circumstances, anger may cause one turns destructive, it can lead to one's problem. Such as:

• Problems at Work • Peer Pressure • In your personal relationships • Arguments among one's personal affairs.

Under no circumstances should anger become bottled up for such large periods of time because of the fact that it just may simply turn into a serious, physical, possibly fatal matter at the wrong place and time. For that person or the people around them. However, there must always be a safe time and place where that bottled anger one holds inside must be released. If you ever feel that you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion, it is manditory that you should recommend talking to someone very close to you who you can trust of recieiving advice from.

Location: 5261 Delmar, Suite 217

Therapist: Annetta Sykes, M. ED., LPC

Learn the truth about anger, how to express it assertively, and avoid violent behavior.

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